AMAI Taiyaki


AMAI is not just a name!
It is a combination of 2 cultures. Because Team AMAI also consists of 2 cultures.
A few years ago Yuko Maeshiro came to Belgium from Japan out of love for her husband and the hospitality of this country.
In order to be able to give something special back to everyone, she has opted for a "sweet" ("amai" in Japanese) dish that closely matches our Belgian waffle culture. 
A dish with the standard reaction "Amai(wow), that's tasty!" when tasting.

But not only AMAI is special!
The history of Taiyaki (Japanese waffles) can also make a person happy ...
There used to be a tradition in Japan to bake(yaki) an expensive type of fish (Tai) on large festive occasions (together Taiyaki). And so the story grew that this fish dish brought a lot of luck. But because not everyone could afford this fish, they also started making waffles in the shape of this fish. This was cheaper and certainly so tasty :)
That way everyone could enjoy and get the happiness from this dish!!

AMAIとは :)



オーナーのYuko Maeshiroが考える"掛け合わせる"をコンセプトとして、両言語で存在する