Mochi Ice

First, "Mochi" is Japanese rice cake.
It has a very soft, sticky and unique structure.
Mochi is very common and traditional food in Japan, especially for desserts.
AMAI sells "mochi ice" which has ice cream
filling inside. 
So you may choose your favorite tast :)

Daifuku Mochi

"Daifuku mochi" is actually regular way to eat mochi. There is "an/anko" which means "azuki beans past" inside the mochi. 
It's the most famous mochi dish in Japan.

AMAI offers you daifuku mochi with several different taste of coating on the outside. (Shiro, Kinako, Goma and Yomogi)
You may always ask which flavor we have. 

And one more thing... it's 100% vegan :)

Yuko's Nachos

We also created tasty Japanese Nachos.
With some vegetables and special Japanese sauce. It's amazingly delicious!!

By the way, it's also a 100% vegan dish!!
Please try Yuko's Nachos at least once!! :) 


AMAI also offers Japanese lemonade "Ramune".

Ramune is a very old traditional softdrink and it is one of the modern symbols of summer in Japan. Also, it's nice to hear the sound of the glasball inside the Ramune bottle. It makes you a little bit cooler especially in hot summer days.
It's a very unique drink so try ones and feel how difficult it is to open and drink Ramune!

Japanese Thee:

AMAI offers traditional Japanese thee.
We procure Sencha(green thee) and
Hoji-cha(brown thee) from the thee shop AZUMAYA which has a shop in Antwerp in Belgium.

Very quality Japanese thee and it matches absolutely well with Japanese sweets.  

Coffee from Oxfam

Our coffee is 100% from Oxfam.
Few % from our coffee goes to people hoe need help to live. Plus the taste is just perfect. 

Thank you for your support.